About Us

British Isles InnUwe J Dorr – Owner (and the ‘Gov’, now since 2000)
Originally a Chef by trade who has worked in Germany, Switzerland ( St. Moritz and Lucerne), London, Bermuda, Australia ( Gold Coast and Hayman Island) and Auckland.
Uwe is very, very knowledgeable about music and anyone who is keen can challenge him on a music quiz. : )
Uwe loves his job, his family and sport and very passionate about people and their stories, and of plenty of stories I have been told since opening.
Uwe is with a restless ambition to raise the bar ( pardon the punt) and his favourite sayings are : ‘Don’t leave while the bar is in motion’ and make sure your last pint is not ‘pint of no return’.
Uwe is married to Rachelle and has a daughter, Claudia, and two boys, Calvin and Austin, and still plays Sunday Indoor soccer.
British Isles Inn