Main Meals

Name of mealDescriptionCategoryPrice
LasagneRed sorghum flour, roasted vegetables, spinach, napolitana sauce, served with fresh garden salad(V), GF$20
Fried Haloumi SaladPear, baby spinach leaves, crispy potatoes. wraps sprinkled with Dukkah ( mix of herbs, hazelnuts and spices )(V), GF$20
Fried Haloumi Salad As above, but with chicken addedGF$25
Chicken Cordon BleuHam and cheese filled, breaded and baked, served with a light jus-sauce, French fries and salad$24
Pork Bangers and MashButtered mash, peas, guarded by turrets of sausages with brown onion gravyGF$21
NZ Lamb ShanksSlow cooked served with potato & kumara mash, with a variation of fresh seasonal vegetables , mint sauce and gravy$27
Pork Loin crumbed with a ham and cheese meltServed with a light jus-sauce, Frech fries and a fresh garden salad$24
Chicken CurryDelicately flavoured spices on basmati rice, spiced Dahl served with a poppadom and roti$24
Fish "n" Chips, Snapper in a Beer BatterWith mushy peas and chips$24
Dukkah Orange Roughy with Garlic PrawnsServed on a potato & kumara mash, baby spinnach, hummus dip and hollandaise sauce$29
Scotch Fillet SteakTopped with a creamy prawn & shrimp sauce, served with potato and a variation of seasonal vegetables$29

V – Vegetarian   GF – Gluten Free      A surcharge of 15% applies on public holidays